Planning Department

The Village of Saranac Lake has a professional planning department to help property owners get the most out of their property while still following the land use and zoning regulations within the Village of Saranac Lake.



The Planning Department is entrusted with guiding development by reviewing projects for land use and zoning issues in the Village of Saranac Lake. The Planning Department is usually the first stop in building or establishing a development in the Village.



Planning & Zoning Services

  • Preparation of land use ordinances and regulations
  • Assistance to property owners with zoning questions

Development Board Meetings

The next Development Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 at 5:00pm in the Village Board Room. The meeting agenda is available with project details here. All previous meeting agendas and approved meeting minutes are available on the 'Documents and Forms' page.

The Development Board meets in the Village Board Room. To enter the building, use the single door entrance at the front of the Town of Harrietstown Town Hall, in between the UPS drop box and Rice Furniture. The Village Board Room is located on the second floor of the building. Meeting time is 5:00pm.


Monthly Projects:

(for more information on the monthly projects click here)

  • Eric Stevens, Area Variance
  • Historic Saranac Lake, Site Plan Review



Previous Projects:

(for more information on the previous projects click here)

Leonard and Kathy Sauers, Special Use Permit

David Kwan and Patricia Forgang, Special Use Permit

Jason Fenner, Special Use Permit

Kathy Bonavist, Special Use Permit

Todd and Amy Corliss, Special Use Permit

Steven and Cherie Racette, Special Use Permit

Troy Koubek, Special Use Permit

Cook and Stumpf, LLC,Special Use Permit

Wm Bros. Holdings, LLC, Special Use Permit

Chris Dorman, Special Use Permit ( 33 Leona Ln & 39 Shepard Ave)

Jason Smith, Special Use Permit

Anne Warner, Special Use Permit

Calli Shelton, Special Use Permit (16 Grandview Ln & 357 Lake Flower Ave)

Cheryl Sayles, Special Use Permit (237 Lake Flower Ave & 245 Lake Flower Ave)

Lindsey Brockway, Special Use Permit

Todd Drake, Special Use Permit

Hans and Heidi Underwood, Special Use Permit

Cure Cottage Development, LLC, Special Use Permit

Pendragon Theater, Site Plan Review

Trestle Street, LLC, Site Plan Review

Mary and Kevin Bartel, Special Use Permit

Skender Cecunjanin, Special Use Permit

Meachele Burgoyne Manchester, Special Use Permit

Wei Zhong Zheng, Special Use Permit (163 Park Ave, 82 Woodruff St., 45 Shepard Ave, & 47 Shepard Ave)

Doreen Gorgas, Special Use Permit

Ona Allen, Special Use Permit

Trudeau Properties, Special Use Permit

David and Valerie Trudeau, Special Use Permit

Linda Hilbert, Special Use Permit

Shane Lawrence, Special Use Permit

Sean Burke, Special Use Permit

Paolo Magro, Special Use Permit (101 Clinton Ave & 43 Riverside Dr.)

Aubuchon Realty Co. Inc., Special Use Permit and Site Plan Review, 258 Broadway

Kelsey and Wyatt Cassidy, Minor Subdivision and Area Varianaces, (Lot 1 and Lot 2) 32.279-2-15.000 11 Duprey St.

Pendragon Theatre, Area Variance for front, rear, and side setbacks, 56 Woodruff St.

Zacharia Peltier and Daniel Woodruff, Site Plan Review, 28 Broadway

Aubuchon Realty Co. Inc., Area Variance for parking in the front yard along Cedar St., 258 Broadway 

Sled and Spoke, LLC, Special Use Permit Amendment, 255 Broadway

Sara-Placid Sled & Spoke, LLC, Special Use Permit to operate a retail sales use, 255 Broadway

Colleen Gowan, Minor two-lot subdivision, 9 Ridge Way

Aubuchon Realty Co., Inc., Area Variance for front yard setback along Cedar St., and the request for the waiver of §106-48.D, 258 Broadway

Aubuchon, Area Variance, 258 Broadway

CED, Special Use Permit, 23 Adirondack St.

North Country Roots, Inc., Special Use Permit, 622 Lake Flower Ave., Suite 7

Stiles, Area Variance, 27 Broadway

Alpine Agronomy, Special Use Permit, 245 Broadway, Suites 1 & 2

Alpine Agronomy, Area Variance, 245 Broadway, Suites 1 & 2

High Peaks Church, Site Plan Review, 97 Will Rogers Dr.

Allott, Area Variance with Site Plan Review, 644 Lake Flower Ave.

Ferruzza, Site Plan Review, 11 Woodruff St.

Button, Minor Subdivision, 33 Petrova Ave.

Cure Cottage Development, LLC, Amendment to Special Use Permit, 486 Park Ave

Cure Cottage Development, Site Plan Review, 545 AMA Way

Holmes/Clark, Area Variance, 92 Riverside Drive

Ross Manny, Mindful Mountain Properties, LLC, Special Use at 211 Broadway

Parkview Development, Site Plan Review for Mixed Use and Residential buildings at 120 Broadway

McEneany, Minor two lot Subdivision at 28 Glenwood Dr.

Schwartzberg/Black Mountain Architecture, Site Plan Review for office space at 16 Academy

Saranac Lake Brewing Company, LLC, Site Plan Amendment for a brewpub at 79 Woodruff St.

HES Ventures, Minor two lot Subdivision at 33 Depot St.




Development Board

The Community Development Department provides plan review, technical assistance and support for the Development Board. The Development Board is a group of professionals in related fields that come together monthly to review larger or more complex residential and commercial projects. Each proposal is different and may or may not require Development Board review.



Board Member Term Expiration
Allie Pelletieri, Chair 4/2025
Meg Cantwell-Jackson 4/2026
Dan Reilly 4/2028
Rick Weber 4/2029
Bill Domenico 4/2026
Kt Stiles, First Alternate 4/2025
Tim Jackson, Second Alternate 4/2025



The Development Board has the following powers and duties:

  • Reviews and makes determinations on site plan and special use permit applications.
  • Hears and determines requests for variances and appeals of orders, requirements, decisions, interpretations or determinations.
  • Approves all plats showing any streets or highways within the Village.
  • Prepares, reviews and recommends changes to the Zoning Map and the Village of Saranac Lake Development Code.



Contact the Village offices today to introduce your upcoming project to the Community Development Department. Village of Saranac Lake, ATTN: Community Development Department, 39 Main St., Saranac Lake, NY 12983, call (518)891-4150 ext. 235 or email Katrina Glynn, Community Development Director at

Development Board Calendar

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The Development Board Meets the FIRST TUESDAY of every month starting at 5:00pm in the Village Board Room, located at 39 Main St., Suite 9, Saranac Lake, NY 12983. View the 2024 Development Board Meeting Dates

Development Board Meeting Documents