Arts & Culture Advisory Board

The Arts & Culture Advisory Board works for the historic Village of Saranac Lake which supports thriving arts, cultural, and community institutions, in an all-inclusive environment that fosters the creative economy, community pride, downtown revitalization, and a myriad of diverse year-round offerings.


The purpose of the Arts & Culture Advisory Board is to make recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees on plans and project implementation for the arts community of Saranac Lake. The board works to make recommendations to the Saranac Lake Village Board of Trustees regarding policies and actions to implement the Arts and Culture Master Plan. The overall purpose is to help Saranac Lake foster and grow a shared culture through Village initiatives and support of arts organizations and events. The Arts & Culture Advisory Board works to: 


  • Make recommendations on capital improvement projects, entertainment venues, educational programs/plans and other Village programs and projects that relate to the arts and entertainment. 
  • Establish funding priorities for grants.
  • Act as a liaison between the public and the Village Board of Trustees for any initiatives or support provided to the arts and entertainment of Saranac Lake. 
  • Promote more public and private cooperation in support of the arts and culture.


Meeting Information

The Arts & Culture Advisory Board meets about once a month. Check the calendar for the next meeting date and time. Meetings typically last an hour.


If you want to be on the agenda for any upcoming meeting contact the Village of Saranac Lake Community Development Department at (518) 891-4150 ext. 234 or email


Advisory Board Members 


The Board consists of nine volunteer members, appointed by the Board of Trustees. 


Board Member Term Expiration
Kirk Sullivan, Chair 5/31/23
Emilie Allen, Vice Chair 5/31/22
Elaine Taylor-Wilde, Secretary  5/31/22
Jessica Collier 5/31/23
Kathy Ford 5/31/23
Shaun Kittle 5/31/22
Sadie Posdzich 5/31/23
Nathalie Thill 5/31/22
Dylan Van Cott 5/31/23


The Arts & Culture Master Plan

The Arts & Culture Advisory Board will work to implement the Arts and Culture Master Plan. This will be done in part by addressing its five goals:
  1. Arts and Cultural Community Engagement
  2. Master Plan Funding Acquisition
  3. Targeted Arts Marketing Campaign
  4. Organizational and Artist Support
  5. Arts and Culturally Driven Economic Development



For more information regarding the Arts & Culture Advisory Board, contact the Community Development Department, (518)891-4150 ext. 235 or

Arts & Culture Advisory Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Our Community Culture

Saranac Lake has been a home to organizations over the years that value the arts and culture of this historic hamlet. These organizations are vast in number, but to get a glimpse of what makes up the fabric of Saranac Lake's community culture, visit the place that has been documenting it all from the start. Click on the image above to go to the 'Organizations' listing on HSL's website.