Welcome to the Village of Saranac Lake

The Village of Saranac Lake is a beautiful community of 5,400 residents located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The village is governed by a Village Board.

The Mayor and Four Trustees determine policies, enact local legislation, adopt budgets, and appoint the Village Manager who performs day-to-day administrative duties.


Village services are carried out through various departments within the Village of Saranac Lake government.

This is a link to local laws policies

Village Offices

Location: 39 Main St., 2nd Floor, Saranac Lake, NY

Hours of Operation: 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday

Dropbox Only. No In-Person Payments or Meetings.

Dropbox is at the top of the stairs, use the Village-only entrance (far right on front of building). 

2020 Village Property Taxes


The 2020 Village Tax Rolls are now available/searchable.


North Elba

St. Armand


Instructions: Download the appropriate file by the town within the Village of Saranac Lake, then CTRL-F to bring up search box and type in property information.

Water Tapping, Water Meter, Sewer Tapping, Street and/or Sidewalk Opening

New construction? Or a replacement of something old? This permit ensures that the Village's Department of Public Works is aware of any changes related to water metering and sewer lines, and helps to update the file for you property with any recent changes. The DPW Permit is for:

  • Sewer line 
  • Water meter
  • Water line
  • Sidewalk opening (as related to water/sewer)
  • Road opening

Contact Dustin Martin, Superintendent of the DPW, (518)891-4160 or dpw1@saranaclakeny.gov to get started. 

1st Step: Building Permit


The Village of Saranac Lake's Planning/Code Enforcement Office works very hard to ensure that projects get off the ground and are completed in a safe manner that meets NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code  This starts with you: 


  • It is up to the applicant and any hired help to work to submit a substantive application. Once a plan has been put on paper, it is more accessible to each party to come together and make your dream deck, addition, renovation, or new building project a reality. 


  • *Project size does not always determine the need to complete a building permit application. If you are unsure whether your home or business project triggers a building permit process, please contact the Code Enforcement office, (518)891-4150.