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Short-Term Rental Permits


The Village Board is considering the creation of a permit process for short-term rental (STR) properties.  While short-term rentals are not new to the community, in recent years companies have facilitated and mainstreamed STRs to a point where many local governments are taking action.  The Village’s goal is to create short-term rental policies that generate inclusive opportunities for local wealth-creation while balancing the needs of all members of the community.  Ideally, the result will be an equitable policy that helps protect public interests, including housing affordability, health and safety, neighborhood quality, and municipal revenues, while retaining reasonable opportunity for residents to host and earn money from short-term guests.


Complete the STR Survey by May 17th



The Village of Saranac Lake is pausing public input sessions on proposed permit requirements for short-term rentals.  The online event scheduled for May 13th and the open house event scheduled for May 26th are canceled. The Village’s Housing Work Group is planning to release a DRAFT Housing Strategic Plan and Recommendations to the Village Board and general public in June.  The draft will include recommendations regarding a number of housing issues in Saranac Lake, which will provide the context needed for a community-wide discussion about housing as a whole, not just short-term rentals. Public outreach will be conducted in order to engage the public and collect input on the draft plan, so that the Village Board can make informed decisions about setting housing priorities and allocating resources in Saranac Lake.


Public comments related to short-term rentals can continue to be submitted to the Village Board via the Clerk via email STR Surveys will continue to be collected through May 17th


CANCELED Public Input Session via Zoom - May 13th 5-6pm


CANCELED Open House Event - May 26th 5-6:30pm


Complete the survey online


Find the hardcopy of the survey to print on your own and submit by mail, drop off, or by email to


Comments or questions may be directed to:


Kareen Tyler, Village Clerk


39 Main St., Suite 9,

Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Or use the Village drop box, M-F from 8am to 5pm located on the 2nd floor, must use entrance to the right (in between UPS dropbox and Rice Furniture).