Keep it local and keep it funny — that’s Mark Coleman’s philosophy on doing business in Saranac Lake. The small mountain community is overflowing with musicians and other creative types, two facts that Mark says creates a customer base that is untouched by big box stores.

“This is significant and increases the number of people who understand the ramifications of shopping locally,” Mark said.

It’s true that when you hear music in Saranac Lake, you can bet the instruments involved passed through Mark’s door at one point, but the store also offers music books, records, and the means to convert audio and video tapes to a digital medium. And even though Mark is perfectly content with the everyday dynamic of telling jokes and talking music with anyone who visits, he’s excited about the momentum of positive change happening downtown.

“Due to the reopening of the Hotel Saranac, I’m looking forward to the change in the rhythm of the downtown beat,” Mark said.

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