Village Clerk

Village of Saranac Lake

Job Title: Village Clerk
Location: Village of Saranac Lake
Jurisdictional Class: Mayoral appointment with Board of Trustee approval
Full Time: 40 hours per week, Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
Starting Annual Salary: $55,000+
The village clerk is subject to the direction and control of the mayor. However, State law imposes numerous responsibilities upon the clerk, which the clerk has an independent responsibility to perform. Most of the village clerk’s duties are set forth in Village Law § 4-402, which provides as follows:
A.       Have custody of the corporate seal, books, records, and papers of the village and all the official reports and communications of the board of trustees;
B.        Act as clerk of the board of trustees and of each board of village officers and shall keep a record of their proceedings;
C.       Keep a record of all village resolutions and local laws;
D.       Prepare, sign and transmit to the village treasurer an order directing the village treasurer to pay the claims therein specified, which order shall contain an abstract of all claims audited and ordered paid by the board of trustees or other board having power to audit, showing the names of the claimants, the amounts approved for payment and the appropriations chargeable therewith. A duplicate of such order shall be filed in the office of the village clerk;
E.        Produce for inspection the books, records and papers of his/her office, and shall furnish a copy of any portion thereof;
F.        Collect taxes and assessments of the village as provided in this act if the board of trustees shall, by resolution, determine that the taxes and assessments of the village be collected by the clerk;
G.       Keep an indexed record of all written notices which he shall receive of the existence of a defective, unsafe, dangerous or obstructed condition in or upon, or of an accumulation of ice or snow upon, any village street, highway, bridge, culvert, sidewalk or crosswalk, which record shall state the date of receipt of the notice, the nature and location of the condition stated to exist, and the name and address of the person from whom the notice is received. All such written notices shall be indexed according to the location of the alleged defective, unsafe, dangerous or obstructed condition, or the location of accumulated snow or ice. He/she shall at the board meeting next following receipt of such written notice by him/her, or within ten days, whichever is sooner, cause said written notice to be brought to the attention of the board of trustees. The record of each notice shall be preserved for a period of five years after the date it is received;
H.       May administer the oath of office to all village officers;
I.         Conduct the Village election in accordance with standard election procedure;
J.        Attend Village Board meetings; prepare meeting agendas, resolutions, reports, and other documents for the board meeting; record and distribute meeting minutes; follow through on agenda items at the direction of the Village Board;
K.        Responsible for timely filing of local laws with the state; maintain local law records and update Village Code to reflect new regulations;
L.        Records management officer, records access officer – oversee the records management program and maintain good records management practices; write or assist with writing of records management grant applications; administer or assist with the administration of records management grants and grant reporting; respond to FOIL requests;
M.       Filing, publishing, and posting notices relating to resolutions, local laws, public hearings, open meetings, and referenda;
N.       Complying with the notice and filing requirements for all village boards;
O.       Maintaining postings which are required to be permanently displayed;
P.        Serving as the point of contact for citizens with questions about the village;
Q.       Acting as liaison between the citizens and the village board of trustees; and
R.        Any other duties the Board of Trustees may assign.
A.       Although there are no minimum qualifications, the Village is seeking an individual who shall have a minimum of a 2 year college degree, 4 year degree preferable, in business, government or related field.
B.        Five years’ experience in an office environment
C.       Local government experience highly preferred
1. Please send a resume and application with references to:
Village of Saranac Lake
Attn: Mayor Jimmy Williams
39 Main Street
Suite 9
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
2. Applications will be accepted until July 1, 2022.
3. The Village will contact prospective applicants to schedule interviews; please do not call the 
office directly.
The Village of Saranac Lake is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome job applications from qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, ancestry, family care status, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or any other lawfully protected status.

Date Posted: 05-11-2022

Expire Date: 07-01-2022

Contact Name: Patrick Murphy, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

Contact Email: