tubes floating down a river with a whitewater feature
Rendering of the proposed Tom Boothe Whitewater park on Saranac River

Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI)




Overall, the Village of Saranac Lake was awarded $4.3 million to implement seven public projects; improvements to three parks: Berkeley Green Park, William Morris Park, Ward Plumadore Park, streetscape improvements in three locations: Woodruff Street, Church Street, Main & Broadway Urban Forestry, and an extension of the Riverwalk between Church Street and Woodruff Street.





The specific projects funded through the DRI include:


Create a Series of Linked Gateway Parks: Enhance the pedestrian experience and safety with new amenities at Berkeley Green Park, Ward Plumadore Park, and William Morris Park, and complementary streetscape improvements adjacent to each public space. The new network of upgraded corridors and parks will reinforce the northern and central gateways to Saranac Lake and provide accessible and attractive open spaces downtown.



Increase Connectivity between Downtown Destinations: Transform downtown Saranac Lake into a vibrant, walkable community core by increasing connectivity between retail, recreation, and municipal amenities. Four key components are the installation of landscape and safety features on Church Street; redesign of the Dorsey Street parking lot; completion of the Riverwalk; and expansion of the tree canopy along the Broadway and Main retail corridors.



Enhance the Woodruff Street Streetscape: Revamp the Woodruff Street corridor from Broadway to Bloomington Avenue as a walkable destination, facilitating its development as a retail and cultural hub. Improvements will include undergrounding utility lines and installing a two-way bicycle lane, new sidewalks, high-visibility crosswalks, trees, pedestrian-scale lighting, and a complementary decorative feature.



Develop the Saranac Lake Whitewater Park: Develop a whitewater park to bring new aquatic activities to downtown Saranac Lake and build on the Village's status as a recreation destination. The park will be located on Village property along the Saranac River north of the Route 3/LaPan Bridge. ($410,616)



Creation of Play ADK: A Children's Museum: Transform a historic, two-story warehouse and large industrial site on Depot Street into a children’s museum and family center — a place where kids grow through play and child-driven exploration, imaginations flourish, and families and caregivers get the support they need. Phase 1 building repairs will include lighting, and safe, convenient access to the warehouse. ($949,378)



Create Saranac Lake's First Downtown Brewery: Expand the Bitters & Bones bar and restaurant to incorporate Saranac Lake's first downtown brewery and beer garden, attracting beer, food, and entertainment enthusiasts and contributing to Saranac Lake's nightlife scene. The project will include the creation of additional space for the brewery functions, a new rooftop deck, facade improvements, and the renovation of two apartments. ($381,500)



Position the Pendragon Theatre as a Cultural and Community Anchor: Transform an underutilized former paint store at 56 Woodruff Street into a state-of-the-art performance facility for the Pendragon Theatre, anchoring the downtown district. This adaptive reuse project will enable the non-profit to accommodate larger audiences, provide opportunities to showcase local art, and serve as the centerpiece of Saranac Lake's vibrant arts community. ($2,500,000)



Rehabilitate the Trudeau Home as the Historic Saranac Lake Museum: Rehabilitate the former home and medical office of Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau, a seminal figure in the development of tuberculosis treatment, to create a multi-use museum campus at State Route 86 to serve as a gateway attraction driving local tourism. The project will create museum space for exhibits, collections storage, a resource room, and arts and cultural events. ($325,000)



Create an Entrepreneurial Business Center (The Carry): Convert an existing commercial space into an entrepreneurial business center, The Carry, to provide emerging businesses with work space, programming, and technical assistance. The Carry will include a flexible and open floor plan, a kitchenette, a conference room, and Wi-Fi access ($400,000)



Establish the Energize Downtown Fund: Establish a fund to provide matching grants for building improvements, site upgrades, commercial buildouts, and rent subsidies at commercial and mixed-use properties in the DRI area. ($600,000)


Village of Saranac Lake Main Office




The Local Planning Committee (LPC), with support from municipal staff and input from the public, developed the Strategic Investment Plan. The DRI Strategic Investment Plan will continue to catalyze and build on the momentum for revitalization already underway in the community.


The Vision for Downtown Saranac Lake is supported by Goals and Strategies, and captures the community's desire to facilitate the next chapter of Saranac Lake's downtown revitalization journey. 





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