Franklin County, Village of Saranac Lake, New York State, and Essex County
Use good hygiene practices
Sanitize surfaces with a bleach and water solution
The Village is limiting human to human contact through use of a drop box at the main office

COVID-19 Updates


How can I pay my village bills?


Due to the COVID-19 concern, the Village of Saranac Lake Office will be limiting human to human contact but still conducting business. There is a drop box at the top of the stairs for any payments or forms that need to be left at the front desk. For water and sewer payments please include a copy of the bill with your check to ensure payments are applied properly. All forms can be located on under "About us" in the Documents and Forms tab.


* * The Village is only accepting payments by personal check, bank check, or money order at this time. ALL PAYMENTS AND FORMS must be in a sealed envelope with your information on it. Please put  your phone number on the envelope if it's not already printed on your check in case of any questions. Envelopes are provided for your convenience. Card payments are accepted via telephone with an additional 2.65% processing fee.


How do I contact the Code Enforcement Office?


If you need to set an appointment with someone in the Code Enforcement office please contact them directly: 

Paul Blaine- PH : 518-891-4150 ext. 236

EM :

Pat Giblin- PH : 518-891-4150 ext. 233

EM :


For any further questions please feel free to call 518-891-4150 or send an email to the front desk at Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. 


What should I do if I think I have COVID-19?


COVID-19 testing at Adirondack Health is restricted to inpatients only at this time. If you suspect you have COVID-19, contact the dedicated COVID-19 screening and triage clinic at 518-897-2462. Flu-like symptoms should be managed at home by resting, drinking water, and self-isolating. If you are experiencing shortness of breath or other difficulty breathing, go to the nearest emergency department, but understand that doing so will only result in a COVID-19 test if your assesment leads to hospital admission. 


In case of emergency, always call 911. 


How can I protect myself and prevent spreading the virus?


COVID-19 is caused by a virus (SARS-CoV-2) that is part of a large family of viruses called coronaviruses. Everyone should do the following to avoid getting sick or avoid spreading the virus to others:


 Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds
 Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
 Avoid physical contact like handshakes and hugs
 Abstain from unnecessary travel
 Stay home (stay unexposed and do not expose others)
 Only go out for essential services
 Stay six feet or more away from others
 Don’t gather in groups 


Franklin County also maintains a COVID-19 Call Center, which can be reached at 518-481-1111


How can I learn more about the response to COVID-19?


The Franklin County Office of Emergency Services will send out a daily update on COVID-19 in the county. These regulary updates are posted in the Press Room section of the website, under "About us."


How can I learn which business are open or closed?


The Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce maintains an updated webpage with area closures, availability of restaurants/retail and other businesses, and links to state and county department of health sites. 


Sign-up for the 'Chamber Chat' newslist. 



For questions regarding COVID-19 and the Village's response please contact the Public Health Officer, Ray Scollin at


For a list of county, regional, and NYS emergency COVID-19 contacts, click here.




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Find all of the business resources, county and state resources, and more COVID-19 information in 'Documents and Forms.'





Visit the Press Room for the latest media coverage and press releases from the Village.