Photo of pavement in the center with a retaining wall and grassy slope on the right and a sidewalk on the left side.
photo showing the pavement and the sidewalk with cars parked along the side of the road, photo taken of Lake Street looking South West at crest of hil
photo of pavement in the immediate foreground and grassy slope in the background. Photo is taken looking south from the intersection of Petrova Ave. a

Lake Street Water-Sewer-Road Work


Overview: The Village of Saranac Lake has a number of target areas where aging water and sewer infrastructure demands attention for reconstruction and replacement of lines that service various residential neighborhoods.One such neighborhood is the upper part of Lake St., specifically, between Balsam St. and the western intersection with Petrova Ave. Here, the water and sewer lines will be removed and replaced, or repaired if in newer shape. Looking at the water and sewer mains work as a comprehensive project; the Village also plans to repave that stretch of Lake St. The total project cost of $1.3 million, is now doable thanks to a $930,000 grant from the State Office of Community Renewal and a zero-interest loan for the remainder of the cost through the state Environmental Facilities Corporation. The project will take place starting this summer. More information on a timeline, potential closures, and any disruptions to regular water service will be added to this page, and to the Village's Facebook page. Other outreach efforts to residents in the immediate construction zone may also take place. 





End Goal



Repaired/replaced water and sewer lines across the project area. Repaved section of roadway. 







Village of Saranac Lake
39 Main St., Suite 9 (2nd Floor)
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Call: (518)891-4150





July- mid-month start: set up signage and start replacement of water & sewer lines


August- mid-month roadwork/sidewalk work Details of potential closures will be posted


September- mid-month wrap up