Franklin County COVID-19 Update: May 28

May 28, 2020



Malone, NY – Franklin County Public Health and Franklin County Emergency Operation Center report that as of this release Franklin County has 16 individuals with confirmed tests for COVID-19, 94 individuals are “Probable”, and 1 case is currently “Active”, 4 in quarantine/self-isolation, 4006 negative tests and 109 resolved cases. The Franklin County Emergency Operation Center will be idled and minimally staffed for the foreseeable future. Should the need arise the EOC will be fully reactivated. The EOC will continue to be the hub for ordering and distribution of COVID-19 supplies and the COVID -19 Information Center will continue to be available for inquiries via phone or email.  


The regularly scheduled COVID -19 updated Press Releases will be discontinued, and updates will be provided on an as-needed basis. Anyone seeking daily statistics regarding Franklin County COVID-19 activity are being referred to the Franklin County website where they can find the COVID-19 dashboard. In the event that the EOC is reactivated the updated Press Releases will resume as part of the EOC operation. In the meantime, updates and public information regarding COVID-19 will be provided by Franklin County Public Health. 

  • New York State COVID Hot Line – 1-888-364-3065
  • Franklin County COVID-19 Information Center 518-481-1111 or email Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • COVID-19 Medical questions Alice Hyde Medical Center Hotline – 518-481-2700 or the Adirondack Medical Center Hotline – 518-897-2462
  • Franklin County Office for the Aging – 518-481-1526
  • Franklin County Department of Social Services – 518-481-1894 or 518-481-1806
  • Behavioral Health Services – 518-891-5535 or 518-483-3261
Social Distancing should continue in the warm weather

Franklin County Public Health reminds individuals that as days with blue skies and warm weather become more common, precautions around the novel coronavirus still need to be followed. Resident’s efforts in physical distancing, and following the recommendations are working to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. Life-saving physical distancing must continue, even in nice weather. Even though the weather is nice, we still need you to stay home and limit travel to essential trips. Outdoor exercise is important. People are encouraged to practice physical distancing while doing things such as running, biking or walking. Some suggestions: While outside, maintain physical distancing. Enjoy the outdoor areas of your residence. Consider having an outdoor picnic with your family, or a virtual picnic with friends. Get things done at home such as gardening or washing your car. Open doors and windows to get fresh air while remaining inside.
Remember to avoid things such as travel, group sports, social gatherings and hiking on crowded trails. 
Staying close to home on a beautiful day is difficult. As we continue through uncertain times, we appreciate everyone’s commitment to staying home and saving lives.


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