Water And Wastewater Maintenance Worker

Village of Saranac Lake, Department of Public Works

Title:                                                Water and Wastewater Maintenance Worker

Department:                                    Department of Public Works

Location:                                         Village of Saranac Lake

Jurisdictional Class:                        Non-Competitive Class

Full Time:                                        40 hours per week

Application deadline:                       Until position is filled

Starting Annual Salary:                    $21.03

Posting date:                                    April 14, 2022

Residency:                                       Residency is waived





Performs semi-skilled manual work in the maintenance, repair and extension of a water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment systems. This work involves responsibility for performing moderately complex duties such as making semi-skilled plumbing installations in the extension, maintenance and repair of the village water and wastewater systems. More complex work is usually performed under direct supervision of a foreman or other higher ranking employee with routine work ordinarily performed under general supervision.  Water and Wastewater Maintenance Workers may direct the work of helpers or laborers on occasion. The incumbent does related work as required.






A.   Excavates for and lays and maintains water and wastewater mains and lines;

B.   Makes taps on water and wastewater mains for customer services and installs valves, gates and fire lines;

C.   Locates leaks, installs clamps and sleeves and makes other emergency repairs;

D.   Assists contractors with location of water/wastewater lines;

E.   Installs, repairs and resets valves, meters, pumps and related water distribution equipment;

F.    Performs routine daily maintenance in a water and/or wastewater plant including test operation of equipment, lubrication, cleaning and checking gauges, dials, pressures and levels of water or oil;

G.   Reads and may assist in replacing and repairing water meters;

H.   Assists in the conduct of routine physical and chemical test of water and wastewater;

I.     May investigate customer complaints;

J.    Opens and closes water and wastewater services as requested by consumers;

K.   Performs minor custodial and grounds keeping duties and helps to care for tools and equipment.







A.   Working knowledge of the common practices, principles, terminology and safety precautions used in the maintenance and extension of water and wastewater systems;

B.   Good knowledge of the use of tools and equipment required in the construction and repair of water and wastewater systems;

C.   Ability to perform heavy manual labor for extended periods, sometimes under adverse weather conditions;

D.   Willingness to report for emergencies;

E.   Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions;

F.    Dependability;

G.   Industrious.






A.   One (1) year of experience as a plumber’s helper or in the maintenance of a public or private water or wastewater system.






A.   Possession of valid New York State Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) at time of application.




A.   Possession of the required certificate as issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 6 NYCRR Part 6501.11, appropriate to the plant at the time of appointment.

B.   Possession of the required certificate as issued by the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Public Water Supply Protection, under the provisions of the New York State Sanitary Code-Chapter 1, appropriate to the plant at the time of appointment.



Generous benefits package including NYS Retirement System




1.  Please send a resume and application with references to:

                     Village of Saranac Lake

                     Attn: Payroll Department

                    39 Main St., Suite 9

                    Saranac Lake, NY 12983

2.  The Village will contact prospective applicants to schedule interviews; please do not call the office directly. 



Date Posted: 04-14-2022

Expire Date: Open until filled

Contact Name: Patrick Murphy, Deputy Village Clerk-Treasurer

Contact Email: payroll@saranaclakeny.gov